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Facts, data, evidence…they’re proof points. Stories make them stick.  That’s because a good story takes a reader, a viewer or a listener on a journey.  A good story is evocative and memorable. It sparks imagination and participation. Format depends on function. I can work with you to produce a video, report, brochure, series of articles, blog post, social messages—whichever medium best serves your needs. Beyond developing compelling content, we’ll work with you to ensure it’s read, viewed, liked and shared. Because, otherwise, what’s the point?

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Your brand is your organization’s reputation. It expresses your specialness—your organizational DNA. A brand is authentic and visceral…it evokes a gut feeling, an aha moment and it should be consistent across all touch points. I can work with you to build, articulate and tweak your brand so it’s fresh, clear, resonant and representative of your organization’s personality—quirks, warts and wonderfulness. Hire me to update your brand, and I'll throw in a new elevator pitch for free.

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Websites, blogs, social platforms, campaigns. They're the multi-faceted faces of your organization. Too bad too often they become overgrown and overwhelmed with too much content. (Like the video you posted in 2012, which still has 47 views. Could be time to go.) Whether you're in need of a shiny new platform or just a little weeding and pruning, I can help. Let’s start by conducting an audit to figure out what’s working and what’s got to go. I can work with you to pare down and punch up content and make your site feel fresh and engaging.

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